What is GoodGames?

About Good Focus Games
GoodGames helps your team members reignite their creativity and help focus wandering minds fatigued by traditional online conferences.

“Zoom fatigue,” or a lack of creative decision-making, is a major problem for groups meeting virtually. To address this, we have developed numerous game-like experiences that invite participants to step outside of their comfort zones and interact with each other in surprising and innovative ways.

About Goodfocus Games

Our mission at GoodGames is to effectively aid organizations in the process of enhancing employee creativity, productivity, well-being, and innovation in an increasingly digitally-driven work environment.

– Daniel Stephens, Founder


When interspersed throughout a conference, bite-sized activities can enliven and refresh your team’s focus. They can also be used as a stand-alone session to help your team brainstorm new opportunities or solve old problems. Our games can help bring together people from different teams or offices to establish common ground that improves future collaborations. To relieve the stress of working remotely, a game can provide a fun way to share a laugh, break the tension of the ongoing ‘new normal,’ or bring to light brand new and engaging ideas. They are a great low-stress way to encourage teams to air points of friction and overcome problems that are hard to address head-on or simply provide the conduit for great ideas bubbling just under the surface.

“Zoom fatigue” describes the feeling of being tired, stressed, anxious, and/or “burnt out” due to the overuse of virtual communication platforms.1

Gamification has been proven to activate the hippocampus (the section of the brain largely responsible for knowledge recall) as well as trigger the release of dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. This response not only makes the participant feel good but also allows them to increase their capacity for learning, memory and attention.2 Additionally, it reduces stress, increases one’s capacity to process information, and mitigates the effects of cognitive overload.2 Research suggests that gamification not only enhances individual performance but also leads to increased team cohesion, task commitment and overall team performance.3 This, in turn, drastically improves the well-being of employees and enhances productivity and innovation throughout the organization.

The data i s clear, remote work and the use of virtual communication platforms is here to stay. According to a survey conducted by Gartner and PwC, 80% of company leaders plan to allow employees to work remotely after the pandemic and 78% of CEOs agree that remote collaboration will continue for their companies. Additionally, research conducted by Global Workplace Analytics found that 97% of North American office workers currently work from home for at least part of the week (88% globally).

Each game-like experience can also provide a space where great ideas come from all corners of the company, giving a voice to every participant regardless of position within the company.

Each game has an unlimited number of participants that can engage in the experience. However, each game also has an optimal participation range. Which are:

Cartoon Gallery – 10 to 50

FaceIt! – 10 to 40

Gallery – 10 to 50

Headlines – 10 to 50

The duration of any game session really depends on what you and your team want to accomplish, however, the list below gives pretty good estimates of game session durations.

Cartoon Gallery – 45 to 90 minutes

FaceIt! – 20 to 45 minutes

Gallery – 30 to 90 minutes

Headlines – 30 to 60 minutes

Each game does require a facilitator. However, some games require minimal facilitation or moderation and can easily be facilitated by someone within the organization or company. Other games require significantly more facilitation or moderation and do require a GoodGames facilitator.

Yes, absolutely. In fact, leaving participants with a lasting representation of the work done during the game is often a good tool for continued collaboration beyond the game experience. With CartoonGallery and Headlines, participants are left with the custom New Yorker-style cartoons and/or mock-up newspaper headlines that directly reflect the group’s exchange of ideas. With HipHop Generator, participants keep the audio file of the live performance that reflects the relevant creative thought and process that went into the creation of the lyrics.

If something comes up in the middle of gameplay that causes issues, please visit whereby.com/goodfocusgames to speak with someone right away. If you need help or want to report an issue and it’s non-essential, you can email our support team at help@goodfocus.net.

Most games are customizable and that customization impacts the price of each game. Please visit our PRICING page to get an idea of cost. It’s better if you REQUEST A QUOTE to learn more about how much each game will cost your company or organization.

Generally, game packages range from $1000 – $4000 depending on number of participants. Please also inquire about the various discounts we offer.

To speak with someone about the benefits of our games directly, please email us at games@goodfocus.net.

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